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Image T.R.V group one of the biggest companies and commercial agencies in Egypt which concern with supply, install and maintain all types of pumps such as centrifugal pumps, Multi stage pumps, sumbersible pumps, fire fighting pumps, domestic pumps, waste water pumps, deep wheel pumps...

Fire Pump Packing

Polictiv pump
Diesel pump
Jockey pump

Single stage end suction centrifugal pump

Flow up to 1700 m/n
hold up to 100 m

Double suction split case

Up to 3500 m/h
Up to 1800 m

Submersible sewage water pumps

Was to water pumps
drainuge pumps

Horizontal and vertical split-casing pumps

Flow up to 500 l/s
head up to 150 m

Td endsuction pump

end suction centrifugal pump
Variable range of flow & head